We, the people, coalitions and faith communities of Indiana hereby form Indiana Moral Mondays Movement in order to promote a just society in which every person is valued, and resources are used for the common good. In doing so, we seek to embrace the moral values and the enduring qualities of love found in the secular and spiritual communities from which we come.
In forming this Movement, we morally stand for:

1. EQUAL JUSTICEEqual Protection Under the Law --- Justice Without Regard to Race, Religious Beliefs, Class, Gender, Sexual Orientation,  Immigration Status or Physical Disability.     

2. ECONOMIC JUSTICEPolicies that support our labor force, including a living wage, access to healthcare, the right of all workers to organize and bargain collectively for pay, benefits and workplace rights.

3. EDUCATION EQUALITYProvide a well-funded quality public education for all.

4. HEALTHCARE FOR ALLSafeguard the health and quality of life for all Indiana residents.

5. VOTING RIGHTSProtect and expand voting rights and ensure equal access for all voters to improve voter participation. 

6. ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE & SUSTAINABILITY: Policies that provide clean water, air and food and ensure green spaces, and promote sustainability for all communities.

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